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Digital transformation is a reality. How we communicate, our traffic systems, our leisure activities: The pace of change is rapid - also in industrial automation. 

Interaction is a crucial part of this transformation and will shape the way we work tomorrow: We are in permanent interaction with our colleagues, with computers, control systems and directly with machines. This Human-System Interaction is our focus of the “Beyond Safety. Forum@SICK” in 2023.   

The Forum is a platform for you. It brings together users and experts from industrial practice with researchers and safety visioners. Focus talks of invited speakers will foster our discussion for innovation beyond the well-known.  

In 2022 we started with this Forum as the successor of the Forum Functional Safety@SICK. After the successful and interesting start, the next Forum will now take place on 5th December 2023. Also this year we will have exciting presentations and we want to discuss opportunities and challenges and emerging topics within industrial automation and safety.

5TH DecemBER 2023 – SAVE THE DATE !