On-Demand Webinar: Condition Monitoring in Road Tunnels
The SICK Monitoring Box enables smart services like Condition Monitoring and predictive maintenance. Condition Monitoring and predictive maintenance increase service efficiency and effectiveness. It gives the maintenance team and operators the possibility to have a clear and continuous picture of the technical condition of the installed equipment in the tunnels. The tunnel operator can save resources and time by grouping maintenance requirements of different equipment classes, organizing maintenance interventions based on the actual requirements rather than on time based schedules and enabling optimized service interventions by knowing the source of the problem before going to the equipment.


  • Potential of Industry 4.0 for the maintenance of road tunnels
  • Tunnel automation yesterday and today
  • Two up to date examples of condition monitoring in road tunnels
  • Live view on condition monitoring system from SICK


Christian Kuhn
Product Manager Analyzers
Ferdinand Kaschewski
Product Manager Analyzers
Christoph Seewald
Strategic Industry Manager Traffic

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