Free Webinar: Increasing safety at inland waterways with infrastructure based sensor solutions
The protection of civil engineering structures in inland waterways like (bascule) bridges, locks and tunnels, against collisions with vessels is something which is more and more done today by advanced sensor solutions which are able to detect reliably the vessels but also measure their dimensions - particularly the maximum height of a vessel.  
Today's data network structures allow to measure e.g. the maximum height of a vessel far away from the critical bridge with low clearance and send a warning to the vessel well in time.  At locks the sensor solutions measure e.g. the distance of the vessel to the lock door or simply provide a signal for an alarm once the vessel comes too close to the sensor.

Such solutions help to avoid very expensive damages and downtimes to all structures and particularly the waterway itself.  

Get to know how reliably and precise SICK sensor solutions can perform these detection and measurement tasks in a rough outdoor environment such as inland waterways!


  • Application example: Monitoring height of vessels with sensor Solution FPS mounted on a bridge
  • Application example: monitoring traffic at bascule bridges
  • Application example: Detecting vessels coming too close to water lock doors and measuring the distance to the water lock door
  • Questions and answers

Dates and time:

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 9-10am (CEST)

Thursday, April 7, 2022 4-5pm (CEST), 9-10am (CDT)



Monika Bantle
Product Manager Systems
Viktoria Moor
Product Manager Systems
Christoph Seewald
Strategic Industry Manager Traffic

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