Free Webinar: Sensor systems for advanced vehicle detection and classification
in Open Road Tolling (ORT)
In Open Road Tolling and/or Mulit-Lane-Free-Flow tolling systems, there is usually a need to do an enforcement for keeping the ratio of toll fraud as low as possible. Furthermore in many systems the transactions via DSRC or RFID must be allocated to the right vehicles on the right lane.

For this purpose, a very high accuracy of vehicle classification and detection is required. Sensor systems from SICK are providing a best in class accuracy for non-intrusive enforcement equipment.  Those systems are based on SICK's most robust and precise LiDAR devices and excellent AI algorithms which analyze the combined 3D and grayscale images of passing by vehicles. 

This way, also axle counting is possible with overhead equipment with a very high precision in Multi-Lane-Free-Flow applications and operators can get rid of cumbersome and high-maintenance intrusive systems. 


  • Introduction into basic shape based profiling system "Free-Flow-Profiler, FPS"
  • Optional module for FPS: AI based axle counting
  • Questions and answers

Dates and time:

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 9-10am (CEST)

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 4-5pm (CEST), 9-10am (CDT)



Monika Bantle
Product Manager Profiling Systems
Christoph Seewald
Strategic Industry Manager Traffic

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