On-Demand Webinar: Traffic safety systems for enforcing dimensions, temperature
and other vehicle properties
Traffic safety systems from SICK can help to enforce compliance of vehicles with legal regulations regarding dimensions (incl. over height), temperature, weight or dangerous goods.

There are systems which can be used in free-flow installations for a fully automatic pre-selection with almost 100% detection rate (e.g. detection of over height). Furthermore, SICK also offers systems for a very precise and in some regions already certified inspection of vehicles at slow speed. This is particularly beneficial for prosecution of any violations.


  • Explanation of the system platform Free-Flow-Profiling-System (FPS)
  • Dimensional checks in free-flow as part of FPS and at slow speed
  • Vehicle Hot spot Detection
  • Over height detection as part of FPS and stand-alone
  • Further inspections that can be integrated in FPS (WIM, dangerous goods plates)




Christoph Gilgen
Product Manager Complex Systems
Monika Bantle
Product Manager Profiling Systems
Christian Kuhn
Product Manager Analyzers
Christoph Seewald
Strategic Industry Manager Traffic

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