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To move forward, you sometimes have to go where no one else has ever gone before. For our virtual conference EXPLORE. this is true in more ways than one. This virtual conference is the best way to get informed, exchange ideas and learn how to push forward your business and development.

Discover the benefits of digitalization with us –and take the most important steps into the future.


09:00 - 09:15
Go Beyond with us: How SICK can support you on your path to digitalization and Industry 4.0
Dr. Mats Gökstorp, Member of the Executive Board SICK AG, welcomes you
09:15 - 09:35
UltraCreativity - Effective tools to turn change and challenge into chance and opportunity!
Keynote speech by Sonja Piontek, acclaimed global speaker, award winning marketer and bestselling author
09:35 - 09:45
Introduction of track 1 and 2:
Let's start the journey into digitalization and Industry 4.0 together.
TRACK 1: For specialists and experts
TRACK 2: For managers and deciders
09:45 - 10:15
Connectivity is the key to I4.0! (Part 1)
Learn and discuss why connetivity is so important and how easily you can integrate IO-Link sensor data into your PLC and beyond.
Connectivity is also a management task!
Data needs connectivity to create value. Learn why it should be a task for the managment to create the foundations for digitalization and see how you can drive the development in your company.
10:25 - 10:55
Connectivity is the key to I4.0! (Part 2)
Put your focus on sensor parameterization and get deeper insight in the possibilities of connectivity and sensor integration.
Case study: More value with
See how easy you get additional values and useful information, shown with a real customer project based on retro-fitting an existing production line.
11:00 - 11:30
Visualize the sensor data and manage your assets
See how asset management can support
you to handle your devices and built the foundation for preventive maintenance.
I4.0 retrofitting and visualization - connecting existing machines to the IIoT - world
Discover the possibilities of I4.0 retrofitting of existing machines right from the start. Get to know the benefits of visualization.
12:00 - 12:30
Understand what is happening
Learn how to implement continuous status monitoring for sensors and machines using digital monitoring services. Discover real time analytics through visualization of the data in a browser-based dashboard.
If you understand it, you can improve it
Learn how you can track your products and processes to optimize your performance and discover additional potential. We show you, how we can support you with web services and the integration of relevant data to enable you to make the right decisions.
12:35 - 13:05
Full transparency in the material flow
Maximize efficiency in production logistics: Discover the benefits of new solutions for more transparency and efficiency on the shop floor.
IIoT Integration from an integrators perspective
Maximize efficiency in production logistics: Discover the potential of transparency and how this can enable new business potentials shown with a real customer project.
13:10 - 13:40
Industrial Deep Learning - made easy!
Learn the principles and benefits of Deep Learning and how you can implement this technology in your application.
Be prepared for what will happen - the benefits of digital data
See the benefits of connectivity, transparency and data management in real world examples.
13:40 - 14:00
Outlook and Closing

End of event.

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