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We offer a comprehensive set of high-quality services provided to support the entire life cycle of products and applications from plant walk-through to upgrades. 
These services increase the safety of people, boost the productivity of machines and serve as the basis for our customers’ sustainable business success. 
Ensuring the safety of machines and systems is not only the responsibility of the manufacturer, but also machine and system owners, who are obliged to provide safe work equipment.
Our certified experts around the globe can advise you on performance level a to e, and are fully acquainted with the applicable local standards and guidelines. Combined with best-in-class products and systems, we offer you innovative and future-oriented solutions for any requirement.

Profit from our special services and let our experts advise you on-site.

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Decades of experience to protect your employees

  • Determine the proper installation of the optical protective devices according to the specification.
  • Verifying the mode of operation of the protective device in accordance with the use of the machine
  • Drawing up an inspection report and issuing the inspection seal
Stop time measurement

Verification and optimization of the safety distance

  • Performing the stop time measurement
  • Calculating the required safety distance between the point of operation and the non-separating protective device according to EN ISO 13855
  • Creating a report with the measurement results
Training and education

Practical, targeted and competent

  • Targeted expansion of employee know-how through SICK LifeTime Services
  • Valuable and targeted information for a wide range of tasks
  • Optimise applications with practical tips
  • Competent trainers for efficient and legally compliant planning and safe operation

Verification, maintenance and recovery of specified functions

  • Verification of environmental conditions, damage, alignment and contamination on SICK components and systems
  • Recovery of specified functions
  • Verification and adjustment of application-specific parameters (with the exception of calibrated systems)
  • Archiving of parameters, acceptance test and handover to personnel
Profit from our special services and let our experts advise you on-site.

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