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On-Demand Webinar: Deep Learning for Machine Vision

Application in theory - implementation in practice
Do you want to know more about Deep Learning for Machine Vision?
Listen to Rene Klausrigler, Market Product Management "Identification/Measuring", and Matej Nujic, Market Product Specialist Industrial Vision & Systems, how they answer questions avout Deep Learning. Questions include how Deep Learning is to be understood in the field of Machine Vision, how is a Deep Learning project implemented and which products does SICK offer for you? In addition to the presentation of realized projects, this will be followed by a live demonstration on the topic of "anomaly" detection and classification in quality assurance.

You will learn about:
  • Meaning of Deep Learning in the field of Machine Vision
  • Different types of neural networks
  • Structure and process of a Deep Learning project
  • Benefits of Deep Learning
Rene Klausrigler
Market Product Management 
Matej Nujic
Market Product Specialist 
Industrial Vision & Systems
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