On-Demand Webinar: Optikai érzékelők és alkalmazásuk alapjai / Basics of photoelectric sensors and their application
This webinar is in Hungarian language!
Are you familiar with the basics of photoelectric sensors?
Listen to Máté Szabó, Application Engineer SICK Hungary, and learn the advantages and disadvantages of the individual technologies. He shows you how to select the best possible sensor with the right technology for your application.

  • Fiber-optic sensors and fibers
  • Through-beam photoelectric sensors
  • Retro-reflective sensors
  • Photoelectric proximity sensors
  • Choosing the right technology to detect diffent objects like flat, film-wrapped, small, position-tolerant, perforated, transparent, high-speed objects, high-speed objects, objects in potentially explosive areas, objects in hygienic and wet areas, zero gap detection and ZoneControl
Máté Szabó (Application Engineer / LTS Engineer)
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