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Important Note: First of all, we thank you for your interest in applying for our opening. This application form, if answered carefully and completely, will provide the person interested in associating with SICK China Co., Ltd. (SICK or Company) an opportunity to present his or her complete background and history. This application form will enable the interviewer to derive the greatest benefit from interview and will take confidential measures in the retention and disposal of this application form, as well as the resume and other information and or materials submitted by the applicant or obtained by the Company, and will not disclose the above mentioned information to any irrelevant person.

重要提示:首先感谢您关注并申请本公司职位!请您仔细完整地填写此份表格,此举将有助于向负责招聘的相关人员和广州市西克传感器有限公司(“SICK”或“本公司”)呈现您的全面背景和经历。本表能为面试者提供很大的帮助,并且在录用后,将作为个人记录的一部分由本公司存档。本公司在保管与处置申请人提交的或本公司获得的此申请书、简历及其他信息与资料时将采取保密措施,不会向任何无关人员透露上述信息。 Please fill out the following fields in Chinese, thanks. 请您用中文详细回答以下问题,谢谢。


1. Personal Data 个人简况


2. Education Status 学历(请按时间顺序,从高中填起)


3. Language 语言能力


4. Other Skills 其他专长


5. Record of Working Experience 任职记录


6. Current Compensation/Benefits 请您具体填写目前薪酬福利状况: (如面试成功,此项将作为录用薪酬的依据并需要您提供可以证明薪酬水平的工资证明或收入银行水单明细)


7.In case of emergency, whom shall we contact: 如有紧急情况发生,我们应联络何人?


8.Personal Career Development Objective 请详述您的个人事业发展目标


9.What do you like most and least about your present job? 您对现任职务感到最满意和最不满意的是什么?

10.Why do you want to work for SICK? 您为何想在本公司谋职?

11.What do you like most to do in your free time? 您的业余爱好是什么?

12.Please describe organization chart of your present company and indicate your position in the organization and the staff directly supervised.

13.Reference Check 背景调查

14.Please answer the following 请回答下列问题







15.Pre-Employment Statement 职前称述

I understand and agree that this application form, as well as the resume and other information and materials submitted by me or obtained by the Company property upon is submission or obtainment by the Company, and the Company does not have the obligation to return such Company property to me. I certify that the statements made in this application form are true and correct. I acknowledge and agree that any false/inaccurate information or statement made by me will result in immediate termination of my employment with the Company. I understand and agree that after my accepting the final offer, the Company has the right to, by itself and/or its designated party, conduct background check of the above information for the purposes of verification; and I further understand and agree that the background check results become the Company property. I consent to take any pre-employment physical examination required by the Company, and I understand and agree that the results become the Company property.

本人明白并同意,本人提交的或本公司获得的此申请表、简历及其它信息与资料一经提交或被本公司获得即属本公司财产,且本公司不负有将该等公司财产向本人退还的义务。本人确认在此职位申请表所填报之一切均属真实及正确。本人接受并同意本人提供的任何错误/不实陈述会导致本人与本公司的劳动关系立即终止。 本人明白并同意在本人接受聘书后,本公司有权(自行及/或由其它指定方)做背景调查,验证以上信息的真实性;本人亦明白或同意作为公司财产。 本人愿意接受本公司要求的职前体格检查,并且本人明白并同意体检结果作为本公司财产。

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