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IO-Link process data in the cloud - A cross-manufacturer solution
Technical article
Learn more about:

  • How SICK Smart Sensors can be connected into the Phoenix Contact PROFICLOUD cloud platform solution
  • A cross-manufacturer integration
  • The benefits of SICK Smart Sensor integration to Phoenix Contact users

Sensor Integration Gateway SIG200 PROFINET
Special information
Learn more about:

  • The IO-Link master technology for a seamless integration and data transparency from the sensor to the PLC systems
  • Intuitive parameterization and setup with access to all parameters of IO-Link devices thanks to the simple download of IODD files
  • Pre-process data directly where it is created
  • Access to sensor data from the company level

The networked factory - Welcome to the future!
Technical article
Learn more about:

  • Autonomous digital production and control processes in a networked factory
  • Advantages of industry 4.0 processes in practice