In production, humans and robots are moving closer together and thereby enabling safe and efficient processes. The required sensor systems play a central role here. That is why SICK is also focusing on this topic in 2021 and offering new solutions in the key areas of Robot VisionSafe RoboticsEnd-of-Arm Tooling and Position Feedback.

Our innovations and new products at a glance

Safe Robotics

sBot Speed - nanoScan3 UR Cap

The sBot Speed safety system ensures safety and flexibility because it intelligently combines the functions of a safety laser scanner with those of the Flexi Soft safety controller and UR robots. It offers prefabricated, tested safety functions for implementation into safety controllers and can be easily integrated into robot controls. The safety scanner nanoScan3 can seamlessly be integrated into the UR Cap.

End-of-Arm Tooling

Position sensors MPS-G

The precise positioning sensor MPS-G was developed for pneumatic grippers and miniature cylinders. It allows a data-based monitoring of actuators and provides service data for a continuous process optimization. Thanks to an absolute position value the measuring of components can be done easily, quickly and reliably. Even close tolerance ranges can be detected reapatable.

Robot Vision


The flexible PLOC621 (PLOC2D) sensor system for part localization offers powerful teach-in functions and high accuracy for reliable operation in automated 2D object localization. The simple teach-in of new components, combined with direct data processing on the sensor, results in the highest level of flexibility in production systems or rather directly at the gripper.

End-of-Arm Tooling

Motor feedbback systems rotary HIPERFACE DSL® sHub®

Implementing the sensor hub, servo motors can be used as a source of data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The sensor hub provides sensor data such as vibration for intelligent servo drive systems. This data can be analysed and used to react in a timely manner and intervene in processes to increase the efficiency and reliability of machines.

Data-based solutions and services

Smart Data Solutions
Smart Data Solutions offer data-based services for the digitalization of your assets, robots and systems. These solutions record, visualize and monitor data from sensors, machines and plants to enable you to precisely predict machine and plant events or services.

More sensors for your robot application:

  • Magnet-coded identification (identification sensors): MIS
  • RFID read/write device with integrated antenna: RFID / RFH5xx
  • Space-saving inductive proximity sensors in: IMM

Human-robot collaboration: collecting, integrating and using data intelligently

In the next two years, around 2 million industrial robots are expected to be installed in factories around the world - in particular, the increasing demand for product variety with small batch sizes therefore requires a high degree of flexibility in production.

In order for man and machine to be able to work together flexibly and at eye level, four elements are needed: solutions for Robot Vision, Safe Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling and, last but not least, Position Feedback. These are exactly the elements and our solution approaches we present in this video.


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