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Smart Data Solutions

From digitalization of your assets and systems to an Industry 4.0 solution. On this path to the future, SICK is offering data-based services for the industry of tomorrow with Smart Data Solutions. These solutions record, visualize and monitor data from sensors, machines and plants. This foundation makes it possible to precisely predict machine and plant events. This applies no matter which industry is concerned, be it logistics automation, process automation or factory automation.

We will show you the way to your Industry 4.0 solution with our four data-based services:
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Step 1: Installed base service
Digital recording of your real assets

Save time with the app and record all your assets. With the SICK Installed Base Manager, recording can be done very quickly and without complications along with the serial numbers, positions or photos. All product information is only a few clicks away in the digital world. The correct product information concerning your assets is therefore quickly accessible to you.  

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Best overview: Digital representation of all your assets
  • Direct access: You can quickly find all relevant product information of your devices
  • Increase in performance: Processes can be improved using data analysis

Step 2: Asset management
Digital representation of services and documents

With the Asset Manager, you can digitalize all necessary services and decisive documents, for example inspection reports, in a clear view. You therefore have a clear display of the most important information such as the current maintenance status in addition to the recorded installed basis.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Better planning: Targeted preparation of service operations and maintenance work reduces downtime
  • Faster access: Test reports or maintenance information are available at all times
  • Structured overview: Also applies for devices from other manufacturers

Step 3: Condition monitoring
Monitor and increase performance

With the Monitoring Box from SICK, you can enter the world of Industry 4.0. With this solution, you receive virtual access to sensors and machines and can improve them every day during operation. With the history view and log book, no events or developments pass you by. The Monitoring Box digitally monitors the integrated devices of your company and ensures hundreds of pieces of sensor and machine data, and forwards these on if required.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • More transparency: You can see all events or developments in the cloud or in the local network using continuous state monitoring. Notifications are sent to you in real time if limit values are exceeded
  • Optimized maintenance: Maintenance can be done before machine or plant failures occur
  • Higher productivity: You reduce downtime due to the increase in availability and quality of your systems and processes

Step 4: Predictive service
Intelligent prediction based on your data

With predictive services, you can find gems in your mountains of data. With the historic data from condition monitoring, data analyses are performed and intelligent predictions are made with application-specific models. You not only increase your plant availability, but sustainably improve the quality of products and processes.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Intelligent prediction: Look into the future with predefined or customized algorithms - this is how you can detect and prevent impending faults and downtime early on
  • Targeted increase in performance: Unplanned operational states and low plant availability are a thing of the past due to the analysis and interpretation of historic data
  • Get more from data: Fundamental data analyses create transparency even at a deep level

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