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Take part to our webinar and talk to our industry experts on this trend that will revolutionize energy supply with greater environmental sustainability.

Find out what influence hydrogen from renewable energies fed into existing natural gas networks has on the measurement capability of ultrasonic gas meters. Tests performed by an independent certification company will show you how our FLOWSIC ultrasound technology is able to perform stable measurements, despite the variation of the gas composition, relying on high performance in terms of:

  • mechanical strength: case and components resist in contact with natural gas containing hydrogen;
  • reliable detection: different viscosity and density of the added gas and the new flow rate and speed of sound do not affect the quality of the measurement;
  • predictive maintenance: any changes in hydrogen mixtures are promptly detected, allowing immediate intervention on the system;
  • explosion protection: electronics and ultrasonic sensors of our gas flow meters satisfy international standards.


Gas flow meters of the FLOWSIC600-XT product family are designed for the measurement and transfer of gas quantities in order to satisfy all national and international standards and are very easily to integrate in plants with conventional measurement systems.

Date and time:
September 28, 10:00 - 12.00 am CEST

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State-of-the-art technology for maximum reliable measurement: FLOWSIC500 the compact gas flow meter guarantees extremely precise calculation in natural gas distribution. Thanks to the absence of mechanical moving components, FLOWSIC500 is robust, fault-free and requires minimal maintenance.