Flexi Soft Training

Course Information

Join the Flexi Soft Training presented by the SICK Safety Division focusing on preparation of the software program or configuration based on the existing safety concept. You have the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge and understanding regarding protection of workers and machines in compliance with standards and regulations.

  • Preparation of the software program or configuration based on the existing safety concept
  • Preparation of the data exchange with other communication modules
  • The range of services includes technical clarification, preparation of a user document, system specification, software check, comments, allocation table, cross reference list, final review and documentation in electronic format
  • From the planning phase to commissioning of the customer-specific hardware and software, all work is performed in accordance with strict configuration guidelines. Each phase is clearly described. Projects are implemented based on the V-model

Program Overview

  • Overview of Flexi Soft hardware
  • Configuring device hardware
  • Mechanical and installation of hardware
  • Application and software overview
  • Basic logic code design using training cases
  • Report generation and verification of logic
  • Troubleshooting and fault correction
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