Bringing Your Packaging Processes Into Industry 4.0

How can you harness the power of Industry 4.0 for your operations? Join us in the SICK booth (LS-6419) at Pack Expo to see Industry 4.0 come alive! You’ll see live demos of innovative sensor solutions that enhance manufacturing processes with automated quality inspection, localization, and safe robotics applications.

Don’t miss the chance to see how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the landscape of industrial automation!
Factory Localization
SICK’s TDC-E can implement localization solutions into your production process. Know the exact position of machines and vehicles in your facility to get processes moving. Then you can collect and analyze data to improve efficiency.
Robotics Safety
Robots are the future of manufacturing and human-robot collaboration is continuing to rise. With flexible automation solutions for robot vision, safe robotics, end-of-arm tooling, or position feedback applications, you’ll see process efficiencies in no time.
4.0 NOW Dashboard
Are you ready for the factory of the future? With SICK’s 4.0 NOW Dashboard, you can gather all necessary data to make improvements in your production process to remain competitive.
Automatic Print Inspection
Get accurate and reliable automatic print inspection with 4Sight from SICK and AutoCoding Systems. Powered by SICK’s AppSpace, this system is changing the way the industry does print inspection. 

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