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Live Training: Edge Detection and Added Plug ins for Automated Bin Picking

Vision-based bin picking allows robots to perform complex and labor-intensive processes to reduce costs and allow workers to perform tasks of greater value. 

A robot guidance system like SICK's PLB is an effective tool for the high-precision localization of parts that are randomly oriented in bins and boxes. And while these robot systems can identify and pick objects of all sizes, additional algorithms can be added to the system to enable edge detection and 3D-shape matching part localization. Additional plug-ins are also available to assist with detecting pre-defined boxes, flat regions, circles, or brake discs. 

Please fill-out the form below, and listen to our on-demand webinar to:
· Learn about edge algorithms for more accurate edge detection 
· Learn about plug-ins for various applications 
 · Understand how to use the PLB for your applications 
· See a live demo of the PLB in action

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