Purpose Built Sensors for OEMS

For years, SICK has collaborated with our customers to provide tailored solutions to solve specific application needs. We can help decrease the amount of time it takes to complete and ship a machine to your customer and maximize your profitability.

From the simplest sensor to more complex and custom products, SICK is committed to working with customers to ensure we deliver highly innovative and effective solutions that reduce overall installed cost.

Fill-out our custom product form to get your part build today, or email info@sick.com to learn more.

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Some Examples of Custom Products:

• Specially designed brackets
• Custom length cables
• Specialized Connectors
• Cable wrap labels for installation information
• Bulk packaging – reduces cost in packaging, waste & labor
Special Functions
• Specialized output functions (timed, one-shot)
• Uncommon voltage requirements
• Custom optics & lens masking
• Alternate light source for sensing
• Additional outputs for Industry 4.0 capabilities (health, 
alarm, IO Link)
• Alternate LED indicator mounting & functionality

Environmental Requirements
• Protective brackets for damage reduction
• Housing material options
Faster Commissioning
• Pre-set sensor detection range with adjustment lock
• Pre-configured encoder settings (PPR, default voltage, 
counting direction, offset values, node ID’s for communication network)

Commercial Benefits
• Co-Branding & custom part numbers
• Multiple part kitting for easier procurement

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