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Robotics is on the move, whether it be in the production, logistics or service industry. Mobile robots, in particular, are gathering pace in these areas. The variants range from AGVs and mobile cobots to autonomously driving mobile robots.

In short: The future belongs to autonomous mobile robots. This makes robotics more flexible overall and opens up completely new applications and business models. To enable mobile robots to move about safely and master their numerous challenges, you need intelligent sensor solutions.

Safety solutions

Scalable safety solutions for mobile robots

With a risk assessment, you evaluate the inherent risk of the specific application and design a risk reduction strategy commensurate to that level of risk. The goal is to create a custom fit solution that’s appropriate, adequate, and meets the requirements of the demands on the safety system. With mobile platforms being adopted at unprecedented rates, this means we can expect more human interactions with mobile robots in factory and logistics spaces, making safety (and therefore, a risk assessment to determine best safety practices) all the more imperative.

Inspired to make your operations as safe and efficient as possible? Study up on safety here.

Safety services

Evaluating and determining risk when designing mobile platforms

To achieve the optimal balance of productivity, safety, and cost efficiency, it is necessary to carry out a hazard analysis and risk assessment for each specific robot. The higher the risk to humans and infrastructure, the more stringent the requirements on the control system need to be. Based on the minimum requirements determined, each robot can be equipped with exactly the right sensor solution from our comprehensive safety portfolio. 

How do you build and design a mobile robot that can be easily implemented and that meets relevant safety standards?

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