Innovations necessitate a reassessment. And that requires courage.
The 2021 fiscal year was a challenging one, but it also demonstrated how courageous decision-making can facilitate success even in the most demanding of times. This issue of the magazine covers our approach, offering examples of the unconventional paths we took together with our customers and partners. We would like these stories to offer encouragement, and to illustrate that curiosity and determination allow for barriers to be overcome, while a shift in perspective enables the improvement of results.
Stories of encouragement
Knowledge: hazard the deluge
The calculus of love can just as readily be applied to knowledge: if we share it, there’s a good chance it will grow. SICK is using the new Corporate Community Platform to promote the sharing of knowledge within the company. Anyone with the courage to stand up and ask questions will get an answer. 
A farmland revolution
Digitalisation in agriculture is also advancing at a tremendous pace. Innovative sensor solutions from SICK can now be found in many machines and robots on farmland, fields and meadows around the world and are doing their part to drive forward sustainable farming. 
Cooperation leads to innovation
A modular, autonomous intralogistics fleet of vehicles with the ability to take on all tasks in production is on its way to becoming a reality in the near future. SICK and the Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH are collaborating on a platform solution in an open exchange. 
Shaping the energy transition
Enriching gas with hydrogen can save a lot of CO2. But just how much can be added to natural gas? Not an easy question to answer, as hydrogen changes the properties of the gas mixture. SICK flow meters still manage high-precision measurements.
Digital sensor twins
With the metaverse currently making waves as the vision of a future virtual parallel universe, the industrial sector can look on it as a long-established reality. Digital engineering develops production facilities virtually before they are launched.
Taking on the security gap
In the globally networked world of today, cybersecurity is more important than ever. An increasing number of products interact with IT through their software.
A solid team supports customers in handling their IT weak points. 
Hacking for the future; hacking for good!  
The main focus of the hackathon was to establish a creative environment for the innovations of tomorrow. In this space, experienced companies mingle with young tinkerers, digital natives and young talents.
Space for inspiration and innovation
Digital innovations and sensor technology are advancing at a rapid pace, meaning we have to keep learning to keep up. We have created an inspiring place to do just that in the form of the new Academy. 
Breaking new ground for the oceans
The maritime applications sector is always good for a surprise or two. It’s not uncommon to find employees gathered together in a swimming pool when developing a new security solution. 

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At a glance
Our products and solutions provide the foundation for the management of digital and automated industrial processes as well as the protection of both people and the environment. We optimise processes, improve efficiency and increase sustainability for our customers. 
Message from the Executive Board
With zest and drive, our personnel ensured that SICK was able to complete the 2021 fiscal year with a new record for orders received and sales – despite the continuing difficult global economic conditions
Key figures 2021
Business in 2021 remained characterized by the economic conditions resulting from the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, worldwide delivery chain problems have made it difficult for industry to keep up with the rise in demand. 

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Sustainability at SICK
SICK aims to preserve it values within the scope of the three dimensions of sustainability – ecology, society, economy. Our commitment to this approach is based around an economically and technologically future-oriented and responsible development of the company, respectful and fair treatment of employees, partners and suppliers as well as the mindful use of resources and the environment.

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